Authentic Venezuelan Arepas:

Where Every Bite is a Taste of Tradition!

How we started?​

Arepa’s to Go has been preparing wholesome food since 2014. We are dedicated to providing delicious offerings to families, students, athletes and people who enjoy eating healthy food options. The Arepa is a traditional pre-­Columbian Latin American gastronomic treasure, a gluten free corn patty that serves as the base of our unique sandwiches…with a variety of fillings to choose, the idea is simple, the possibilities are endless!!! Our food is made from scratch every day and prepared from the finest eco-friendly ingredients…We hope you enjoy our food as much as we do!

Our specialty. Corn flour, homemade & 100% gluten free.
Fresh Juices & Smoothies

Juices and smoothies made fresh that will suit everyones tastes.

Salads & Lunch Boxes

Fresh greens, delicious toppings with endless combinations.


A fried breaded cheese stick or a spear of bread dough with white cheese stuffed…

* it is not gluten free.

La arepa

The arepa is like a round and flat bread, original of the indigenous culture “Timoto-Cuicas” of what is now Venezuela. It is made of ground corn dough or cornmeal. precooked The arepas are roasted, their texture is crunchy and golden on the outside to soft and fluffy on the inside. A prominent feature of the arepas is that they are can be filled with a wide variety of ingredients, from cheeses, meat, chicken, vegetarian, egg and more. This makes them a versatile dish that can be enjoy at any time of the day. Its flavor has conquered internationally, both that even has its own day: September 12, World Arepa Day.

100% Gluten free…

Las Cachapas

It is a type of Venezuelan sweet corn pancake, it is grilled and it is salty sweet with different types of filling like the Arepas. 100% Gluten Free…

They will love it…

The salads

It’s a bed of spinach with a side of string black beans and quinoa with our fresh vegetables tomato, cucumber, red onion, mushrooms, carrot and avocado….

Choose your protein selection like Chicken, shredded meat or lentil patty “vegan”.

An explosion of flavors!


It is the typical dish of Venezuela It’s jasmine rice, black beans, the protein of your choice chicken, shredded beef or vegan and i sweet plantain.


Lunch Box

It is a healthy and well-balanced plate of food. consists of quinoa, black beans, the protein of your choice with a side of salad spinach, tomato, lilac onion, cucumber and carrot…

Light, nutritions and healthy…


The Other Favorites


Wheat flour dough fingers stuffed with white chesse in the middle, is a popular meal snack in Venezuela.
Contains gluten. 

They are addictive…

fresh juices

At ATG we offer natural juices made at the moment with fruits and vegetables fresh… We have lemonades, orange juices and patch which you can combine with one (1) additional ingredient such as: pineapple / mango / carrot / cucumber beets among others…

Refreshing and natural…


Almond milk based… refreshing and nutritious combinations. Vegan protein can be added peanut butter, oatmeal, etc.

original combinations…


Unique and original… rich combinations of fruits, vegetables and roots that give benefits to your body…

welfare guaranteed…